Northern Territory Government – STRIKE

The Northern Territory Government has launched STRIKE: the Spatial Territory Resource Information Kit for Exploration, providing prospective explorers with access to the Northern Territory’s geological data.


The problem

The Northern Territory Government identified that, to ensure future investment in the Territory’s mining sector, it needed to encourage exploration throughout the region.

The Government launched ‘Building the Territory’s Resource Base’, an incentive program aimed at promoting the prospectivity of the Northern Territory through the delivery of quality geoscientific data to exploration companies both in Australia and overseas.

The key challenge facing the Government was how to make their large amount of geological data (much of which is stored in disparate formats) easily accessible to potential explorers, especially given the remoteness of the Territory.

The NGIS solution

NGIS worked closely with the Northern Territory Government to develop STRIKE: the Spatial Territory Resource Information Kit for Exploration, a web-mapping application, powered by GeoSamba.

NGIS recommended GeoSamba for ArcIMS for two key reasons:

Firstly, GeoSamba’s commercial grade interoperability enables it to link and interact with a wide variety of geographic data sources – an important consideration, given the Territory’s geological data is stored in a variety of formats in multiple databases, housed in different physical locations.

The second reason is GeoSamba’s location transparency. Regardless of their location around the world, prospective explorers can easily access STRIKE from any web-enabled machine.

STRIKE: features powered by GeoSamba

STRIKE allows users to spatially compare both vector and raster geological, geophysical, exploration, tenement and ancillary data for the entire Northern Territory. Vector layers can be queried and downloaded, providing explorers with much better insight into the potential prospectivity of an area.

GeoSamba provides STRIKE users with an extensive range of spatial interrogation tools, allowing users to perform complex spatial queries with a comprehensive layer library providing the ability to control layer attributes and order map themes and labels.

Once logged into STRIKE, users can:

  • Query data, such as the amount of ore found in geochemical samples.
  • Select a point on a map and display the associated data from all visible map layers.
  • Access data for a specified layer within a selected area of a map.
  • Search for historical exploration results, old licence information and relevant records summarising previous exploration activity.
  • Create maps and reports, customised to your needs.

“STRIKE is an exciting tool that can be accessed by explorers wanting to do business in the [Northern] Territory. This is a fully interactive application, allowing minerals and petroleum exploration companies to add or remove layers of information, zoom in and out of the map display and search for specific information to determine the prospectivity of any area in the Northern Territory,” Kon Vatskalis, Northern Territory Mines and Energy Minister

Project Summary

Client: Northern Territory Government
Location: Northern Territory, Australia
Scope: Complete Project

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