Communicate with maps

Visualisation and Analytics

Tell a story with data

Maps are a visual representation of a database and allow you to see relationships in data you can’t see in other formats. When you bring together your private company data with the context of public data and a basemap you enable data driven decision making.

Whether it is how to approach a new market, where to place a new store, understand sales data, optimise routing or maintenance and more, a map presents data in a way that you can find answers in.

NGIS consult with clients to find the best way to present their data using maps using any technology stack. We perform end to end GIS services, work with your data and produce well designed maps that tell a story.

GIS services

The insights and answers you can get from location data in a GIS are staggering.

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, analyse, manage and present geographic data in the form of modern, dynamic digital maps. A deep knowledge of the GIS industry’s technologies allows NGIS to provide advice and consult to clients in both 2D and 3D maps.

Whether you need visualisation and intelligence platforms to highlight patterns, self service platforms to drive operational awareness, monitorings solutions to pin point change and activities across large areas or end to end GIS Capacity to support your business, NGIS can help.
  • Software maintenance
  • Support and capacity backfill
  • Map production
  • Image processing
  • Site planning
  • Analysis

Data cleansing and manipulation

GIS has always been about big data.

The challenges of handling large and complex data sets are part of the skill set of a mapping professional. Now with the advent of cloud techniques and powerful image processing, NGIS can help you work with your data to prepare it for analysis.
  • Data analytics and modelling
  • Automating business processes
    • Python scripts
    • FME Desktop
    • Tailored Esri tools
  • Data preparation
  • Data sourcing

Beautiful maps

Presenting data on a map requires an understanding of your goals. The audience needs to be considered and you need to know what you’d like them to do. Once the purpose of the map you want to make is understood, the answer is often clear about how to create the clearest visual story to get the point across.

NGIS works with you to understand your goals and produce maps that are fit for purpose and get the message through.
  • Map production
    • Styling
    • Cartographic principles
  • Static and dynamic/interactive maps