CARTO is known all over the world for its interactive and beautiful maps, but it also fits the needs of organisations looking to run complicated spatial analyses and gain helpful business insights. Whether your business has invested in significant GIS software infrastructure or not, CARTO can work as a stand alone platform to provide location-based business insights or can integrate with existing cloud and GIS technology stacks. Check out their connectors here.

NGIS is a CARTO reseller in Australia and New Zealand and has a team of skilled developers and GIS analysts. This means NGIS is able to provide support, licensing and application development to bring CARTO’s functionality into business projects, all in-house. 






With CARTO, bringing location-based data to life is incredibly easy. Connect your data from many sources and start mapping right away.

Navigate through vast amounts of information. With just a click, see trends, clusters and densities, allowing for advanced analysis on the fly.

Highlight, annotate and add interactivity to tell your story. When you’re ready, share it securely within your team, organisation or with the world.

Experience the power and simplicity of CARTO’s mapping interface.


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Carto for Retail Site Selection

CARTO for Site Selection, brought to you by Liveli is an out-of-the-box platform which allows you to view your current site locations, understand the demographics of your customers at these locations perform comparison searches to pinpoint new territories based on existing retailer performence. By connecting client data with CARTO, you can run in depth analytics on location performance to predict store revenues, explore white space scenarios, analyse trade areas, or carry out twin area analysis. Find out more in our free brochure.

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CARTO enables users to make data-driven decisions by uploading datasets to the CARTO platform and enriching them using the thousands of available data streams such as sociodemographic data, consumer spending and human mobility data.
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Predicting crop yield across rural Australia

Digital Agriculture Services (DAS) is an Australian rural technology company that was established in a partnership with CSIRO to help assess, value and monitor rural assets used in digital agriculture. The DAS team engaged NGIS to build a spatial web application, known as the CroppingHub, built on CARTO Engine and hosted on Google Cloud, to detect crop types and predict crop yield frequently and at scale.

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National planning with local context

The Australian Football League’s (AFL) Game Development Department engages with over 2,500 community clubs and aims to grow their game participation. To aid decision-makers with allocating funding for expansion of community clubs, the AFL engaged NGIS to build a mapping capability using CARTO to help the AFL communicate with local authorities using relevant and up-to-date information.

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Your Google Analytics data displayed in CARTO

Businesses rely on Google Analytics (GA) data to understand buyer behaviour and understand where traffic to their website is coming from however, the location data attached to the buyer’s activity is often underutilised. 

In this webinar, NGIS’ subsidiary company, Liveli, partners with Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platform partner, Data Runs Deep and experiential business, Red Balloon to explore the spatial analyses businesses can perform on their GA data using BigQuery and CARTO. 

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Mapping sports data for insight

Inside Edge is a sport and leisure planning company that helps ensure their client organisations, state and national sporting bodies, invest in the right infrastructure. Their team engaged NGIS to help them move away from static reporting and visualise client data in an interactive map that they could share with stakeholders.

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NGIS has hosted the CARTO team and NGIS’ CARTO Team Lead, Dion Fleming on a number of Location Matters podcast episodes. If you want to learn more about CARTO, check out our latest episodes:


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