Spatial analysis serving all teams


Improving efficiency and accountability

Few industries have the same relationship with the land as mining. Location technology solutions have been widely used in the sector for years, particularly for exploration and environmental management. However, the use of location technology has evolved and companies are using these solutions to guide informed decision-making and save costs.

Providing context in complex environments

Location technology in mining is used for:
  • Targeted mineral exploration
  • Evaluation of mining conditions
  • Model mine construction
  • Safety inductions prior to site visits
  • Displaying geochemical and hydrology data
  • Improving facility management and policing
  • Applying for mining permits
  • Assessing environmental impact and plan land reclamation
  • Managing land titles
  • Stakeholder engagement

Spatial analysis serving all teams

Location technology applications for mining companies are not limited to usage by on-site teams, the solution can also extend to teams outside of typical geospatial areas. Custom built applications enable teams to:
  • Detect potential issues in real time. GIS applications allow teams to exchange feedback faster which assists with early problem detection
  • Reconcile an array of datasets into one platform. When presented in map form, this consolidated information can provide teams with greater context in decision making
  • Increase stakeholder engagement and community support. Teams can create visualisations and scenarios using complex mining and exploration data via interactive GIS web applications
  • Ensure health and safety compliance by strengthening environmental strategies, risk assessments and response times

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