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Sustainable sourcing for Consumer Packaged Goods

Over the past five years, there has been a 71% rise in online searches for sustainable goods globally. The message is loud and clear—consumers want to live more sustainably as they become increasingly concerned about the origin of products and the impact they are having on the planet. This challenge is not isolated and affects the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. However, there can be benefits for companies making meaningful changes with the McKinsey Institute finding that a positive link exists between ESG and financial performance.

The CPG industry is faced with an opportunity to utilise world-leading technology to meet the consumers halfway and provide them with responsibly sourced products. Not only will responsibly sourcing materials have a positive impact on the environment, but it can also provide valuable benefits for companies. 
  • Sustainability can be used as a competitive advantage
  • Sustainable business practices lead to less waste and lower costs
  • A sustainability strategy increases ability to comply with regulations
We have developed TraceMark, a sustainability sourcing solution, tailored to service the needs of the CPG industry. 

TraceMark is the first sustainable sourcing solution of its kind. Our team of GIS Analysts and Developers have leveraged world-leading satellite imagery, combined with the processing power of Google Cloud and Google Earth Engine, to develop an end-to-end sustainability tracing tool  that can map and monitor complex supply chains. 

TraceMark help’s CPG companies obtain insights into the impact on their sourcing from the environment to local communities, suppliers and everything in-between. With these insights you are able to build greater understanding of your supply chain and communicate to consumers that you are committed to sustainability. Furthermore, these insights can help you make meaningful, considered decisions and action plans for the future. 

Traceable commodities
TraceMark is focusing first on tracing supply chains with raw materials such as palm oil, tea, soy, and cocoa. This is because these crops are most often linked to deforestation and conversion of natural ecosystems to farmland. 






Palm oil





Sustainable sourcing with Unilever

One of the world’s largest CPG companies and buyers of palm oil, Unilever, is determined to break the link between palm oil and deforestation. In recent years, Unilever has become known as an industry leader in environmental sustainability and in 2020, committed to achieving a deforestation-free supply chain by 2023. 

To help achieve this, Unilever reached out to NGIS in 2020 with a hope to track and trace every part of their supply chain, from the seed in the soil, to the product on the shelf, and everything in between. We were able to compose a custom solution to address this challenge, giving rise to TraceMark. Whatsmore, TraceMark connects enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like SAP with insights. This enables companies to incorporate the data into broader business workflows. 

Visit the TraceMark website

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