Maps provide clarity in complex situations.

We help you solve tough business problems using maps.

We can help you differentiate in the market place, provide your customers with better service and innovate your product line by finding the best mapping solution for your needs.

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The Metropolitan Fire Brigade uses spatial technology to rapidly collect crucial data for relief and recovery efforts

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Greenland government increases GIS skillset to empower staff to work independently

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Why us?

Our philosophy – People Partnership Success – reflects the expertise of our people; our long-term client relationships and strategic technology partnerships. We know that understanding your business underpins the success of every project we undertake.

Our Services

NGIS’ team of experts specialise in leveraging geospatial data to create innovative solutions that provide our customers with the training; visualisation and planning tools they need to realise their business goals.

Our Solutions

We have developed solutions of all sizes for multinational resource companies, federal and state governments, utilities, international aid programs and businesses in all sectors, from property to environmental and engineering to transport. Our 21 years of experience allows us to bring our successes across all industries to yours.

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What’s New?

Carto: turn your business data into intelligence

Mapping data in your business has historically been the domain of GIS experts and has relied on complex software that takes time to learn. Strong business cases were needed to justify building applications to display data. Enter Carto: one of the biggest disruptions to the business intelligence industry yet. Carto is a cloud based GIS … Continued

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Geofencing: perfectly timed communications for better business

You park at your local shopping centre and your phone buzzes. It’s an instant notification from the centre’s bakery: “Fresh-baked rye bread 50% off today!” This kind of timely, relevant and useful B2C communication is made possible by geofencing and if you’re not already using geofencing technology in your business, now is the time to … Continued

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