Podcast: Location Matters

Podcast: Location Matters

Location Matters is a podcast devoted to the map and to the GIS industry. We chat to industry and technology experts about anything that has to do with data, mapping software, industry trends and best practices. Our aim is to give you something interesting to talk about when you get to the office or to spark some interest in how a map could help you make informed decisions. 

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This is the final episode of season two of Location Matters AND the last episode for 2020. What a rollercoaster of a year we've had and i'm so proud of how far this podcast has come. In this week's episode, we have some powerhouses in the geospatial industry, Chad Jennings, the Product Manager for BigQuery, Google's Cloud-based Enterprise Data Warehouse; Matt Forrest, the Director of Spatial Data Science at CARTO; Dion Fleming, the CARTO team lead and Customer Engineer at Liveli and Sarah Butler, NGIS Marketing Manager and a great podcast host. Today we dive in to Google Cloud's focus on next generation spatial infrastructure, looking at the new CARTO BigQuery Tiler API and CARTO BigQuery connector, as well as what the roadmap looks like for BigQuery Geovisualisation in the future.

BigQuery sandbox: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/data-analytics/query-without-a-credit-card-introducing-bigquery-sandbox
Getting started with SQL in CARTO: https://carto.com/help/tutorials/getting-started-with-sql-in-carto/
Twitter search for #BigQueryGIS: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23bigqueryGIS&src=typed_query
Transform, store and analyse your GIS data with FME and BigQuery: https://newsroom.ngis.com.au/transform-store-and-analyse-your-gis-data-with-fme-and-bigquery
CARTO Spatial Data Science Conferene #SDSC20: https://spatial-data-science-conference.com/ 
Chad Jennings Twitter: https://twitter.com/cwj02

On today's Location Matters episode, we're joined by Filip Eldic, the Co-Founder of the innovative geofencing platform, Bluedot, and Senior Account Manager at Liveli, Dion Fleming. We find out what geofencing is, how the likes of McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts are using this technology in current campaigns and we debate the co-existence of location data and privacy with the likes of the Netflix documentary, Social Dilemma, so topical at the moment.

Bluedot - https://bluedot.io/
Privacy Declaration - https://bluedot.io/privacy-declaration/
What is geofencing? - https://bluedot.io/what-is-geofencing/ and https://medium.com/@fujisanmarketing/geofencing-what-is-it-and-how-is-it-used-1b2754499316

Do you have to understand everything about geographic information systems to listen to this podcast? Nah, as long as you get the GIS(t) of it! On today's Location Matters episode, we're joined by the Manager of SLIP Location Services, Kylie Middleton, Senior Account Executive and Business Development Lead at NGIS, Krystle Dobson, and Senior GIS Consultant, Joy Miles. For those devoted Location Matters listeners, you may remember last year we had the Director of National Geodesy at Geoscience Australia, Nicholas Brown, on the podcast to discuss what GDA2020 is, how GDA2020 will impact businesses and the benefits of adopting it. A year on, we get to chat with the people helping businesses migrate from GDA94 to GDA2020 about the pain points businesses are facing, the resources out there to help businesses migrate and how to ensure your business is set up for a successful migration.

Nicholas Brown podcast episode - https://ngisaustralia.libsyn.com/lm-29-how-to-prepare-for-the-gda2020
Landgate GDA2020 - https://www0.landgate.wa.gov.au/business-and-government/specialist-services/geodetic
Landgate GDA2020 Implementation Status - https://www0.landgate.wa.gov.au/business-and-government/specialist-services/geodetic/gda2020
SLIP Data Update API - https://catalogue.data.wa.gov.au/dataset/slip-data-update-api
Data.wa.gov.au Blog - https://data.wa.gov.au/Blog
GDA2020 explained for non-GIS people - https://newsroom.ngis.com.au/gda2020-explained-for-non-gis-people
Positioning Australia for the future - https://newsroom.ngis.com.au/positioning-australia-for-the-future

Happy Tuesday to our favourite Location Matters listeners! On today's episode we have two new voices on the podcast, Senior Developer at NGIS, Clinton Kimsing and Cloud Solutions Architect, Brendan Downes. Brendan and Clinton discuss how organisations are combining static and dynamic data sources, how data pipelines work, the differences between cloud providers and how to combine all this information to build great maps.

What cloud data warehouse is best for geospatial processing?: https://newsroom.ngis.com.au/what-cloud-data-warehouse-is-best-for-geospatial-processing
Analyse data quickly with BigQuery Geo Viz: https://newsroom.ngis.com.au/analyse-data-quickly-with-bigquery-geo-viz
Getting started with Google Cloud Platform: https://newsroom.liveli.com.au/getting-started-with-google-cloud-platform
Traffic incident response planning: https://ngis.com.au/Our-Work/Incident-planning-for-traffic-management-teams

We can't believe we've reached the milestone of 50 episodes of the Location Matters podcast! We are completely shocked and blown away by the support of our listeners and how the podcast has grown over the past two years. We have come a long way since Adam Mullett pioneered the podcast back in 2018 and in this episode we look back over the past 49 episodes to see how we've grown as a business - into a group of businesses, how our technology partners have grown, the increasing participation of Indigenous communities and women that are participating in STEM and in particular, GIS, and how our partners have coped with the crazy year that is 2020 in our iso mini series.

You can find our latest episodes, as well as a link to our Location Matters podcast archive here: https://ngis.com.au/Newsroom/Podcast

On this week's episode of Location Matters, we're chatting to the General Manager of EO Data Science, Sam Atkinson and Marketing Manager at NGIS Australia, Sarah Butler. We dive into spatial finance - What it is and how financial practices and organisations can use spatial technology to monitor, plan and mitigate risk across their assets portfolio.

On the Location Matters podcast, we cover all topics geospatial, whether that's new technologies, partnerships or inspiring people in the industry. If you want to be updated on when the latest Location Matters podcast episodes come out - please hit 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts, 'follow' on Spotify or Stitcher.

EO Data Science - https://eodatascience.com/
Digital Agriculture Services - https://digitalagricultureservices.com/ 
Orbital Insight - https://orbitalinsight.com/ 
OMFIF - https://www.omfif.org/
WWF and Investec Report - https://wwfeu.awsassets.panda.org/downloads/investec_sustainability_and_satellites_june_2019.pdf
Detecting palm oil plantation land use in Myanmar - https://newsroom.eodatascience.com/detecting-palm-oil-plantation-land-use-in-myanmar 
All things InSAR with 3vGeomatics - https://ngis.com.au/Newsroom/Podcast#lm5 


Location Matters is hosted by Sarah Butler and produced by Jaimee Nobbs.

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