Podcast: Location Matters

Podcast: Location Matters

Location Matters is a podcast devoted to the map and to the GIS industry. We discuss anything that has to do with data, mapping software, industry trends and best practices. Our aim is to give you something interesting to talk about when you get to the office or to spark some interest in how a map could help you make informed decisions. 

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Satellites orbiting the Earth are returning an unprecedented amount of data that both enables and encourages better decision making about the world we live in. When considering the petabytes of data collected, working as a data scientist is no mean feat. On today's episode of Location Matters, we're covering the challenges of working with Earth observations technology, and the way the end users interact with multiple cloud providers and content sources. We're excited to be joined by two wonderful guests, Manager of Earth Observations at NGIS and EO Data Science, Sam Atkinson and Director of the Remote Sensing Research Centre, President of Joint Remote Sensing Research Program, Professor at the UofQ School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and much more, Stuart Phinn. 

EO Data Science - https://eodatascience.com/
EO Australia - https://www.eoa.org.au/
Sam Atkinson's Twitter - https://twitter.com/sam_atk_308
Stuart Phinn's Twitter - https://twitter.com/stuartphinn
EO Data Science Twitter - https://twitter.com/EOdatascience
University of Queensland's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences - https://sees.uq.edu.au/remote-sensing-research-centre
Remote Sensing Research Centre - https://www.rsrc.org.au/

With the recent Australian bushfires and Corona Virus covered in a lot of global media outlets, maps are becoming a frequently used tool to communicate the impact of such events however, there are maps being shared that are either factually incorrect or have features that may alarm people in non-alarming situations. On today's episode of Location Matters, we are joined by NGIS Consultant, Chris Hoar and Managing Director, Paul Farrell, to discuss what makes a map accurate and effective in these situations.

Corona Simulator - https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/


An equal world is an enabled world and technology is a means for enabling change in the world. On today's Location Matters podcast we're diving into why diversity in the workplace is important, how organisations can encourage a diverse representation and what steps need to be put in place to inspire young women to take up STEM-based careers. Today on the show, we have three GIS analysts and very impressive women joining us - Usha Johnston from NGIS, Merindah Bairnfather-Scott from Winyama and Nat Raisenbeck-Brown from CSIRO.

Homeward Bound - https://homewardboundprojects.com.au/
Indigenous Mapping Workshop - https://www.imwaustralia.com/
Winyama - https://www.winyama.com.au/
Board of Directors video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZbvfg_EVOM
International Women's Day - https://www.internationalwomensday.com/

Mapping is one opportunity to tell a story, however, with the data collected by social groups, community services, environmental groups and government agencies, there are many more opportunities to interpret data and visualise this for non-technical audiences and users. In this episode we're joined by Mel Flanagan, Founder of Nook Studios, a community of story-tellers and Dion Fleming, Liveli’s Senior Account Manager with a background in GIS, to discuss how stories can be imparted across different mediums.

Nook Studios - http://nookstudios.com/
Liveli - https://liveli.com.au/
Open Government partnership - https://ogpau.pmc.gov.au/
Common Ground - http://nookstudios.com/the-making-of-common-ground
Plastic Free July - https://liveli.com.au/Our-Work/Mapping-with-social-conscience
Coastal Risk - https://eodatascience.com/Our-Work/Coastal-Risk-Australia
Global Forest Watch - https://www.globalforestwatch.org/map
CARTO - https://carto.com/

Australian farmers are known for their resilience farming in the harsh Australian climate and more recently operating through devastating environmental conditions, particularly across the Eastern States. In this episode of Location Matters, we invite the CEO of Decipher, Anthony Walker, Technical Product Manager at Decipher, Frank D'Emden and EO Data Science General Manager, Nathan Eaton to discuss the recent advancements in earth observation technologies and how this has enabled farmers to gain powerful insights and make decisions for improving their crop yield and profits.

Decipher - https://www.decipher.com.au/
EO Data Science - https://eodatascience.com/
DEA Labs grant - https://ngis.com.au/Newsroom/NGIS-hits-new-heights-with-EO-Data-Science
Google Earth Engine - https://eodatascience.com/Our-Technology/Google-Earth-Engine


Location Matters is hosted by Sarah Butler, who is regularly joined by Managing Director Paul Farrell. The podcast is produced by Jaimee Nobbs.

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