4 August, 2018

Podcast: Aussie delivery-tech gets acquired

Delivery-tech start up Spatula.io were recently acquired by the Irish WeBringg Group. Founder of Spatula.io and CTO of WeBringg Group Andrew Walker joins NGIS on the podcast to talk about the world of delivery technology and the journey from start up to commercial success and ultimately acquisition.

In this episode:

00:38 Spatula.io is an innovation success story - what do you do and why were you attractive as an acquisition target?

1:59 Why did the tech get the attention of WeBringg Group?

3:22 Why is the delivery space an interesting space to be in at the moment?4:25 Why is spatial technology important in this space?

6:02 What was the journey like from start up to acquisition?

9:21 How do you stop potential customers forcing you into scope creep?

11:31 Last mile delivery is very complex - how has Spatula.io dealt with the pain points in this part of the logistics chain?

13:19 How Spatula is using the technology to communicate with customers

15:27 Where does the name Spatula come from?

16:28 How did you decide to use Google Maps Platform as part of the solution?

20:17 What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the tech business?


  1. Delivery-tech start up Spatula.io
  2. Irish same day delivery company WeBringg Group

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