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Emergency Management

Making Good Decisions Under Pressure

Emergency management is a high pressure activity that relies on preparedness and coordination skills in a crisis.

Fires, cyclones and floods strike unexpectedly and require a surgical response from a range of agencies all working together for the common good.

Information flows need to be quick, accurate and easy to grasp so commanders can send teams to the right locations when they will have the biggest impact.

Beyond the response, where emergency management teams generally excel, agencies need to plan their resources and infrastructure investment for future seasons.



Effective overall emergency management requires agencies to communicate well throughout the Planning, Preparation, Response, Recovery (PPRR) cycle.

Sharing information at each stage of the cycle through an intelligence framework with maps enables teams to form and visualise a common operating picture to work proactively and efficiently.


  • Modelling
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Budget calculation evidence


  • Weather data
  • Events and preparedness
  • Positioning of assets
  • Community information


  • Damage quantification
  • Team management
  • Community information


  • Damage report
  • Lessons learned
The MFB is now the first agency that the state will call on to do impact assessments… and in part it is because we have got this tool..

Greg Plier, Senior Station Officer, Technical Rescue Unit – USAR, MFB


Why are humans geared to understand pictures? How do maps get teams on the same page? How do maps give incident controllers the best means of communicating with other agencies, associations and the community?

Download now a guide that explains what it is that makes maps useful in pressure situations.


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