Make systems work together

Integration Services

Make systems work together

Convergence of systems is where businesses can unlock value and remove daily roadblocks for staff. When systems can talk to one another and share data, decisions can be made with more accurate and up to date data and teams can move faster and with confidence.

When systems work together it means staff can save time cobbling data points together and see them all in one single view. Everything happens somewhere and when working with different systems that handle parts of data for the same activity or asset, a map is a great way to tie all the parts together. By focussing the user on the activity or asset, they can see information linked from various systems and see the top line metrics all in one place. On top of seeing information in one page, they also get the benefits of a map: seeing relationships and patterns in data.

A technology agnostic approach

NGIS prides itself on being able to work with any spatial technology and business systems to solve client problems. We work with your team to bring systems together in a robust and extensible way so there is a reduced need to upgrade existing and functioning areas of the business.

A lack of connectivity with other packages should not mean you need to replace an entire system that is otherwise a good fit. Your systems belong to you and any integration work we do for you will be yours with a range of options on how to manage the integration going forward.

We integrate:

  • Imagery content
  • Public data sets
  • Mobile apps
  • CRM systems
  • ERP systems
  • Cloud applications
  • On-site applications
  • Custom tools and data management platforms