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A major service challenge every government department faces is how to process data requests faster for their customers. Long provision times increase costs for both government and industry. Systems might be out of step with expectations: information lives in many different places or is hard to find. It relies on individuals to process orders with their expert knowledge.

Digital transformation allows you to streamline processes so customers get their results in seconds. We do this using the power of your data combined with mapping technology. What your customers see is your data in an intuitive and accessible interface. This lets them get what they want when they want it leaving your staff to focus on more complex requests.

UNLOCK POTENTIAL with open data


Open Data will allow us to become smarter, do things faster and add value for our customers. One thing is clear, everyone is talking about how data is the vehicle for disruption and innovation. However, for many, the challenge is how to extract value from this data? Here is what we hear from customers:

"I have to comply with the Open Data policy but I don’t know where to start.” 

“I have a lot of data but how do I make it accessible to others? It lives in PDFs, spreadsheets and various databases.” 

“I am not even sure who is looking after the data and where to begin to find it.”


The first step is Data Discovery. It is a way of uncovering all the data in your organisation. We go through a process of finding the data, where it lives and what form it takes. We then order, arrange and store the data in such a way it becomes evident how it can be made useful to others. We can then use mapping technology to visually represent the data and make it available to internal staff and external customers. In fact, much of open data is map based, so why not use a map to provide access to it (70% of datasets available on data.gov.au are spatial, Source: Turnbull open data speech).

We recently completed a complex open data project for the Department of Water in WA which means they can now successfully make their data available and useful to the world and participate in the Open Data policy.

Using the Water Information Portal, we went from a turnaround time of 10 days to a few minutes…

Lindsay Preece, Manager, Water Information and Modelling, Department of Water, Government of Western Australia. 


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