Google Cloud Platform


Google Cloud Platform is a collection of public cloud computing services, which includes storage, networking, big data, machine learning and the internet of things (IoT), as well as cloud management, security and developer tools. 

Above all, Google Cloud Platform is a more efficient way of doing business, allowing companies to:

  • Enable enterprise growth using Google’s technology infrastructure built for the cloud
  • Improve digital business strategies using Google technologies
  • Create, build, manage and run software


Why choose Google Cloud Platform? 




The GCP is completely serverless. This means no maintenance time is required, alleviating the headaches that come with the capacity and reliability of physical server issues. 

Powerful data and analytics:

Access powerful insights via big data from the GCP to have key business questions answered in real time and solve previously unsolvable problems.

Future proof infrastructure: 

Dynamic, secure and cost-effective. The GCP ensures that no matter where you or your team are - you are connected. 

Customer friendly pricing: 

Looking to focus on flexibility, there is no one size fits all option for the GCP. Rather, companies can choose the products and services of the offering that best meet the needs of their business. 

Security at scale:

Regularly undergoing independent verification of their security, privacy and compliance controls, the GCP can help companies achieve their regulatory and policy objectives.

Data centre innovation: 

Google’s data centre is a low latency and highly responsive network connected by thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cable, using advanced software-defined networking and edge caching services which deliver quick, reliable and scalable performance for GCP users.


How NGIS can help?

NGIS works with their partner, Liveli, and provides bespoke enterprise solutions by building on the Google Cloud Platform.

Using the GCP technology structure and big data derived from it, NGIS understand how organisations can best utilise the information they receive from the Platform. 

Take for instance machine learning and maps integration as an emerging technology mix. NGIS adopts this technology mix to translate the rich and reliable data from the GCP into a valuable mapping tool. 

For example, by using the Google Cloud Platform, organisations can use the real-time data collected from smartphone GPS, traffic cameras, stoplights, weather report and even social media to predict traffic flow and driver behaviour each day. Combining insights such as these with responsive and reliable Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, means that companies can build map applications to make important business decisions faster.

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