At NGIS we work with clients to implement high-performing intelligent digital twin solutions that provide the full picture for organisations with significant geographic interests and disparate areas of operation. Skyline, a market-leading intelligent digital twin platform, provides out of the box capability, advanced data integration options and rapid deployment mobilisation for organisations that are striving to deliver operational awareness. The advanced and seamless Virtual Reality (VR) features provided by Skyline are unrivalled in the market. Skyline has the ability to incorporate live data feeds and deliver integration of dynamic terrains and visualisation of extensive datasets through a plug and play VR experience.


Understand the full picture

Whether it is large scale digital elevation products or detailed plant models – via Skyline’s consolidated platform with web, desktop, and mobile applications, organisations can partner with NGIS to integrate Skyline’s features with your organisation’s modelling software, asset tracking systems, GIS software, design and engineering packages, or other database driven products, to build a dynamic end-to-end digital twin solution.


Key Skyline Features

IoT integration: Connect Skyline with your organisational IoT sensor networks.

Real Time Data Visualisation: See a living picture of operations incorporating data feeds from business systems

4D Experience: Temporal integration and visualisation capabilities

Above and Below Ground views: Utilise Skyline’s sub terrain capabilities for utilities, infrastructure, and drillholes.

UAV Integration: Have the ability to facilitate dynamic terrains with integrating UAV data with existing terrain datasets

You’re in control: Skyline provides access to all the data required in a user friendly, map driven interface for self-service access.


A Skyline digital twin solution combines extensive, real-time data integration with advanced visualisation and animation capabilities to provide detailed and immersive outputs for end users.  Skyline offers users plug and play VR experiences, simulations and models that enable organisations to:

  • Conduct training and safety inductions for new team members
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement with fly-throughs and media production capability
  • Integrate 3D models with designs and operational data
  • Display live, streaming GIS data sources within the VR environment
You can watch our webinar where we discuss how to implement VR in your digital twin by following the link below.

Watch the VR webinar


Analysis is made simple with Skyline’s advanced tools for digital twin applications. Provide more than just simple visualisations with your digital twin application by allowing users to access real time data feeds, tools and answers they need to make better operational and business decisions. Users can leverage Skyline for:

  • Visual impact assessments
  • Network coverage analysis
  • Volume, slope and grade
  • Point cloud and LiDAR
  • Terrain-to-terrain analysis

Digital twin in your industry


  • Integrate Skyline with your UAV data for dynamic terrains as well as outputs from geological modelling and designs to enable an intuitive, self-service approach to operations, that will drive operational awareness and efficiencies.
  • Through near real-time insights and augmented ML capabilities, over time make every shift an optimal one, irrespective of operator experience.
  • Leverage Skyline digital twin for shutdown planning, stakeholder relations, health and safety training, inductions, 3D GIS, rail analytics, heritage monitoring, dewatering planning and a wide range of location driven operations for the resources sector.


  • Gain accurate and real time insights for your digital city by connecting and visualising your data using Skyline’s 3D mesh products as well as their detailed model designs.
  • Help your team act quickly and get a common operating picture using Skyline’s digital twin model. Skyline puts your users in control of the information they need to make informed decisions by combining a city’s live data feeds with Skyline’s location and mapping visualisations.
  • Utilise Skyline to share and build out community and urban design ideas by taking advantage of its animation and simulation capabilities.


  • Use Skyline intelligent digital twin to make approval decisions for new works by easily showing the impacts of a proposed development.
  • Understand line of sight calculations and shadow analysis more easily by inputting scale models into true-to-life 3D worlds.
  • Measure volumes accurately, visualise noise impacts and see who is affected by any proposed changes in your project.


  • With large networks, extensive 3D data, thousands of assets, Skyline’s digital twin enables the utilities industry to interrogate their network data and operations.
  • From 3D asset management to vegetation analytics and maintenance program management, Skyline enables a multitude of network-based data to be integrated, visualised and analysed as an intelligent digital twin.
  • Skyline is perfectly suited to utility groups that are looking for a low cost and rapid digital twin deployment.


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