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Supplement your GIS stack with world-leading location data  HERE Technologies provides location services and map data to power enterprise location solutions across nearly 200 countries. Their extensive datasets cover road networks, buildings, traffic patterns and more. Through our connection with distributor Next Mile Location Technology, NGIS offers support and implementation of HERE Technologies’ Map Data into our clients existing GIS stacks. We believe that HERE Technologies Map Data is a world class supplementary data resource for any Geographic Information System. Our clients benefit from collaborating with our team to select the data components that best suit their needs.

HERE Technologies Map Data

Organisations can turn the physical world into a digital representation of their operations to make informed, data-driven decisions using HERE Map Data.

HERE’s Map Data incorporates data such as contours, elevation models and satellite imagery along with boundaries such as postal codes, census boundaries, suburbs and other administrative regions. This contextual data can easily be integrated into businesses existing technology such as ArcGIS, QGIS and Skyline to improve productivity, to increase public safety and to enhance customer experiences. Learn more about adding HERE's Map Data to your current GIS stack in our blog below.  

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Optimise your fleet with HERE Location services

To meet the specialised needs of transport and logistics organisations, HERE Technologies offer two unique API’s; Fleet Telematics and Tour Planning. These API’s are tailored around the maintenance of large fleets, scheduling optimisation and advanced routing. 

The HERE Fleet Telematics API provides an advanced routing capability which provides data on custom truck speed profiles, driver rest times, fuel consumption, energy and cost optimised routes, as well as road attributes such as bridge heights and surface types. In addition, the HERE Tour Planning API allows users to dynamically optimise routes for multiple vehicles visiting a set of locations given real-life constraints, such as limited capacity in a vehicle, traffic incidents or delivery time windows. 

Benefits for the Emergency Services sector

Frontline emergency workers face the difficult task of navigating through complex, multivariable and multi-incident workflows each day. Having situational intelligence such as real-time traffic, incidents and road closures allows first responders and dispatchers to be in an optimal state of readiness to perform critical, life saving roles for their communities. 
HERE Technologies’ highly accurate road network data, combined with dynamic routing and real-time traffic ensures the optimal vehicle is selected for the incident at hand and routed the most effective way. This data can also be value-added with local information (such as firebreaks and trails) to make the network more specific for incident response. But what sets HERE Technologies apart in the emergency services industry is the ability to retrieve: 
  • Data to build a routable network layer
  • Road centreline geometry with attributed left and right side street addressing
  • Points of interest to guide emergency services workers in the right direction

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