Advisory and Planning Services

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Companies are intimately knowledgeable about their industry and their business operations, but in an increasingly fast paced environment of change they need to constantly review opportunities to be more effective, gain a competitive advantage, or to take advantage of new opportunities.

Spatial technology provides an opportunity to enhance an competitive advantage or to realise operational efficiencies when other techniques have reached their potential.

NGIS provides advisory and planning services to help companies and departments paint a picture of the future and navigate towards it.

Find clarity and focus

Working out where you are now, where you want to be and how spatial technology can be used is an important first step to move in the right direction.

NGIS can help you identify the issues and opportunities challenging the business and how can we understand what may be on the horizon.

Share industry and sector knowledge learnings

When you’ve only got a single viewpoint, it's hard to know how you benchmark against others in your processes and use of technology.

Being across a variety of industries and departments gives NGIS a bird’s eye view of what other industries and organisations are doing that they can learn from.

Provide intelligence though location

Location technology and mapping isn’t always well understood across an organisation and the value proposition can be hard to communicate internally.

NGIS can help you understand how location awareness provides opportunities for efficiencies and improved operational models.

Build capability

What got you to this point probably won’t be enough for where you want to be in three or five years time.

NGIS can help you understand how to acquire the right capabilities (people, processes, information, technology) and solutions to match your business needs.

Advisory Services

Depending on your needs and capacity, we can provide advice on, facilitate, or undertake:
  • Strategic Reviews (Business and Technical)
  • GIS Health Checks
  • GIS Strategies & Roadmaps
  • Scoping studies
  • Implementation Planning
  • Business Cases

To find out how we can guide you on the journey to using spatial technology well, get in touch.

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