World class platforms and data

Product licensing

Use the best tools for the job

NGIS have non-exclusive partnerships with a range of world-leading data and platform providers in spatial technology.

The partnerships not only allow NGIS to keep abreast of the latest releases, but it also prepares us to provide guidance on the best solution stack for clients and procure the relevant licences. NGIS believe we have partnerships with the best suppliers in each of their categories.

Current partnerships

GIS Platform providers:

  • CARTO - powerful analytics and rapid development framework
  • Skyline - military grade 3D GIS
  • MapsPeople - A searchable, interactive indoor mapping service for businesses

Data providers/products:

  • Google Maps Platform - the most popular location data provider in the world
  • Google Earth Engine - planetary scale analytics of our world
  • Planet - daily satellite imagery of the globe
  • HERE Technologies - Enterprise-grade location, GIS data and solutions
  • 1Spatial  - Geospatial data management and master data management provider

Infrastructure partners:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

Products and solutions

When designing applications, we will not necessarily push you down the path of one of our products. We take note of the outcomes you’re looking for and if open source or a third-party platform is more suitable, we will recommend that instead. Where existing systems are already in place, we will look to integrate them into a fit-for-purpose solution.

Customer care

Our aim is for you to derive significant business value from using the products NGIS represent. Starting from the first conversation when you’re assessing the value of a product, we give you straightforward advice around how the technology will work with your use case.

After taking on a product, we work with you in a regular contact cycle to make sure:

  1. You’ve implemented the product well and the relevant stakeholders have access
  2. You're able to get the desired value out of the product
  3. You're able to see new and emerging use cases for the technology
  4. Ahead of the renewal of the licence you are aware of any changes to functionality and cost structures.