How can TraceMark help your supply chain?

TraceMark takes a data-driven approach to sustainability. With our technology, you can map and monitor your global supply chain, receive accurate metrics and greater transparency about your entire supply chain operations—from end to end. Built using Google Cloud’s planetary-scale geospatial platforms, Google Earth Engine and BigQuery, TraceMark combines accurate satellite imagery with the ability to store and process large amounts of complex data.

TraceMark allows you to obtain insights into any impact on sourcing from the environment to local communities, suppliers and everything in-between. With these insights you can make meaningful, considered decisions and action plans, wherever and whenever necessary. 

Legitimise your supply chain sustainability

No matter what business you're in, there's no denying the world is more focussed than ever on sustainability. As consumers become increasingly concerned about the origin of products and ask more of businesses, focus lands on greater transparency of supply chains. Now, companies are faced with an opportunity to meet the consumer halfway and provide them with responsibly sourced products. 

Similarly, governments face critique when it comes to policy and budget spend. What our solution allows you to do is track and trace dollars spent through the aggregation of data and powerful analysis which provide real, meaningful insights.

The origin of TraceMark 

TraceMark is the first sustainable sourcing solution of its kind. Our team of GIS Analysts and Developers have leveraged world-leading satellite imagery, combined with the processing power of Google Cloud and Google Earth Engine, to develop a sustainable sourcing solution which helps companies become more informed about the impact of sustainability commitments. 

In the first instance, the TraceMark was required for a global leader in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. They came to us with a hope to track and trace every part of their supply chain, from the seed in the soil, to the final product and everything in between. We were able to compose a solution to address this challenge, giving rise to TraceMark; an end-to-end sustainability tracing tool. Whatsmore, TraceMark connects enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with insights identified, enabling companies to incorporate these into broader business workflows.

TraceMark was made possible through the integration of Planet, Google Earth Engine and Google Cloud Platform—helping our team to achieve solutions once thought impossible. 

NGIS as a full-service geospatial consultancy, harnesses the very best in technology providers to bring complete solutions to our clients. Our organisation is founded upon the mission ‘People, Partnership, Success’ so it is a priority for us to ensure we can partner with other companies that share in similar values.

During Planet Explore 2021, Executive Director Nathan Eaton announced TraceMark in collaboration with our technology partners. He stated, ‘Google has always had a mission to organise the world's make it universal and accessible. Now they are making it possible with Earth Observations’. Google Earth Engine was launched in 2010, and in just over 10 years, we have been able to realise the true scale that is possible through collaboration of world-leading technology. It is fortuitous that Planet’s mission aligns so closely with ours; ‘to image the whole world every day, making change visible, accessible and actionable.’ 

The collaboration between NGIS, Google and Planet has allowed our team of experts to leverage information at scale, then distill information into the mountain of insights that are required to produce an end-to-end platform, in essence taking pixels and turning them into insights. TraceMark is the first of its kind, enabling companies to address sustainability in a meaningful and complete way, legitimising your efforts. 

To read about our Sustainability Partnership with Google Cloud, click here. 

Or visit the TraceMark website.


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