Building custom solutions

Application Development

Custom solutions for unique challenges

When you have a unique challenge and you are pushing the boundaries of what is possible you often need a custom solution. Using spatial technology to build a custom application means you can innovate to solve the specific challenge you have in the business and satisfy all stakeholders.

It all starts with understanding the problem, finding relevant data and designing the system so users can get the answers they need easily and reliably. NGIS have built custom and robust solutions for customers across a range of industries and use cases, but it all comes back to understanding the problem and applying the right technology that works with existing business systems and IT constraints so you have a solution that works now and is extensible for future use cases.

Understand your need

Before you can solve any problem you need to discover the specific needs of the business and how the problem is being addressed today. All stakeholder views are taken into account so the design meets those needs.

Design the solution

The connection between the business needs and the technical possibilities that exist within budget needs to be strong. The knowledge of the various spatial tools combined with the business needs and constraints allow NGIS solution architects to produce elegant designs that can be built and stand up to real world usage.


Our team of developers and GIS specialists work together with your team to build the solution. NGIS can build platforms from the ground up and take them through to completion or help your team complete the trickiest parts and work them into your existing framework.


Once delivered, NGIS are here to ensure the solution does what it says on the box and continues to function as designed. With constant change in the digital world, there is always the need to understand how an application functions, so if a part no longer works it can be fixed or replaced to ensure overall operability.

Continuous improvement

Your needs today are not going to be the same as your needs in 12 months or three years. NGIS work best with clients when there is an ongoing partnership. When we understand your long term business drivers we can help by suggesting new functionality that can be added to the existing application, meaning you get more from the original investment.


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