Building awareness and honing skills

Capacity Building

GIS is becoming mainstream, but are you up to speed?

Awareness and accessibility of spatial technology has increased dramatically in the last decade, sparked largely by the launch of Google Maps in 2005. The proliferation and simplification of location based APIs and the rise of open source software means you can use spatial with very low budgets and minimal training.

It has never been easier or cheaper to learn how to use mapping technology and combine it with data from your business and public open data, yet most people were not made aware of the power of GIS during their education years. Even today, universities are only starting to teach mapping as a medium for understanding data across multiple specialisations.

The gap can be filled with capacity building and technical training in organisations.

Building your knowledge

Adding GIS to your skillset as an analyst, coder or even as a manager is also becoming easier.

To help companies and individuals build their spatial knowledge, NGIS deliver a range of training courses for technical skills around GIS software. Most of the courses teach you how to use premium GIS stacks like Esri, Skyline or CARTO, but there are also open source courses for Google Earth Pro and QGIS.

Beyond technical training, NGIS also deliver workshops to executive teams to build awareness of the suite of spatial tools and how they can help them make decisions and gain competitive advantage. Finally, NGIS perform knowledge transfer days where they sit with teams embedded within an organisation and enable them to meet their exact challenges in the business context.

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