Planet designs, builds, and operates the world’s largest constellation of earth-imaging satellites. Planet captures daily imagery of Earth to make global changes visible, accessible and actionable, delivered through an API and online platform.There’s no need to download gigabytes of data to get started—Planet’s entire dataset lives online; and is accessible via web-based tools and an online API. Just open up your web browser to get started.


Planet’s global, daily imagery will link together frequent change from disparate places all over the world, delivering an unprecedented dataset full of information. Planet’s imagery has been used to analyze shipping activity at ports, predict agricultural land use, inform government intelligence, uncover deforestation, map the effects of natural disasters, and monitor crop health, just to name a few.


Traditional earth-imaging satellites only image a fraction of earth’s surface in a day. Planet Labs is changing that. By significantly lowering the cost of its satellites and dramatically increasing their number, Planet will cover 100% of earth’s landmass daily.


See the state of the world as it is today, in global context. Planet's constellation of satellites will act as a line scanner for the planet, monitoring everywhere on earth to always deliver the latest imagery.

NGIS are partners of Planet and can help you understand, procure and implement planet data.


Planet's Constellations

Planet operates two spacecraft fleets: the Dove and SkySat satellite constellations. 

Planet’s SkySat constellation offers faster revisit, lower latency and higher prioritisation to enable rapid intelligence. The Doves, which make up the world’s largest constellation of earth-imaging satellites, “line scan” the planet to image the entire Earth daily. 

Planet can help you see today and understand tomorrow

What used to take days or weeks will only take hours: Planet’s customised, fully-automated data pipeline gets processed imagery from a satellite down to your laptop in less than 24 hours. Daily monitoring enables you to identify and monitor change quickly, like the reconstruction of the Oroville Dam emergency spillway after damage from heavy winter rain. With our information at your fingertips, and the world’s creativity, the possibilities are limitless.

View the reconstruction of California's Oroville Dam over a year

Watch here

Make fast and informed decisions

Planet can be used by organisations as part of a multi content approach to Earth observations, and what makes their offering unique is:

  • High cadence imagery - sub daily content updates
  • Flexible acquisition - small and numerous areas of interest for a single account
  • Interoperable - designed to integrate with other sensors such as Sentinel
  • Integration rich - ingest Planet imagery into EO platforms such as Google Earth Engine
Learn more about how Planet can help organisations make better decisions about the Earth here:

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Planet solutions for Government

As Australia emerges from one of the worst natural disasters seen in recent years and planning commences for the necessary, large-scale infrastructure investments needed to revive the economy - the emphasis on fast and accurate monitoring, modernising the use of satellite imagery and leveraging data is more pertinent than ever before. 

Our latest webinar alongside Planet covered how their high cadence imagery can benefit:

  • Compliance and regulation activity
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Emergency management and response
  • Defence and Intelligence

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