18 December, 2018

Why should you work with a Google Maps partner?

Google has changed the way it structures licensing for Google Maps Platform customers and applications that were once using Google Maps for free are now faced with uncertain pricing per month. Receiving a shock Google Maps bill could be due to inefficient coding or a lack of understanding of the changes that are taking place.

Businesses now have the option of transacting through Google as the vendor or through a Premier Partner within the Google Maps Platform.

But why should companies use a partner and not just do everything themselves? The simple answer is that working with a partner can help you navigate pricing changes, take advantage of generous partner discounts, optimise your use of Google Maps Platform and save precious company dollars. 

Sound technical advice

NGIS has a team of Google certified consultants and developers who work with Google Maps every day. They are skilled in identifying areas of opportunity for organisations to optimise code and reduce company spend, ensuring you are getting the most out of the Google Maps Platform.

Volume discount tiers

The Google Maps Platform billing is structured based on the number of API calls made across your projects during a one month period. NGIS has access to partner volume discount tiers for users with large monthly call volumes. Working with a partner means you have access to six additional discount tiers than what is available with Google as a vendor. These discount tiers can significantly lower and level out your monthly spend even once your growth increases.

Local support 

The Google Maps team at NGIS is available to assist with any issues that arise using the Google Maps Platform to ensure you’re operating smoothly. NGIS provides in person, phone call and online support to communicate new changes affecting your business.

Flexible payment schedules 

NGIS provides flexible scheduling for payments tailored to your procurement needs. Whether you’re a startup that’s looking to improve cash flow or a government department that procures licensing annually, NGIS can tailor your payment schedule to meet your needs. 



NGIS is a Google Cloud Premier Partner for location-based services. Our team can help organise your licensing needs and provide bespoke mapping applications for your business. 

NGIS also offers optimisation workshops to businesses that use Google Maps. An optimisation workshop gives businesses: 

  • A Google Maps Platform introduction
  • NGIS optimisation process overview 
  • Client use-case(s) and application overview
  • Code deep dive by an NGIS Google Maps Certified developer
  • Preliminary recommendations
  • Final recommendations report

Do you have a project you would like to discuss? Get in touch for a chat. 

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