21 November, 2016

Introducing Google Maps Gold Support

Google Maps Gold support is a higher level of support particularly useful for clients who need peace of mind.

You have applications which rely on Google Maps and want to be able to contact Google support at any time, including the weekends. Let’s review the difference between Silver and Gold.

If you are on a premium licence plan, you already have Silver support. This is all you need if you don’t have a business where Google Maps is critical and downtime particularly in the weekends would impact your drastically. It is also vital if you have customers who are relying on your application with Google Maps. Gold support gives you access to the Google support during the weekends on critical issues with a response time of 1 hour.


Use cases where you might need Gold Support

  • You have applications which are used heavily over the weekend
  • You can’t afford to have Google Maps go down as you will lose money, lose customers and your brand will be damaged
  • Useful in Retail, Ride sharing, last mile delivery, logistics, real-time credit card
  • Useful in applications where your end customer can access your application 24/7
  • You need to do machine to machine processing on weekends.
  • You get high bursts of usage


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