23 November, 2022

The Future is Now: Next Generation Geo Enterprise Solutions in Sustainability

On Tuesday, November 15th, NGIS partnered with Google and held an exclusive launch of sustainability solutions using Google Earth Engine at Google’s office in Sydney. The event focused on real life environmental, agriculture and climate risk  applications where Google Earth Engine is used. 

Speakers at the event included Nathan Eaton from NGIS and Ian McPherson from the Google Maps Platform.

The event highlighted how sustainability is no longer a “nice-to-have”, as industries and governments are making it a priority by investing funds, and changing policies and regulations. Customers are looking to meet and exceed sustainability commitments, grow business profit and raise brand reputation and manage legal and PR risk.

Google's mission is to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google Earth Engine is a powerful data and analytics platform that combines curated geospatial databases (including near-real-time satellite imagery) with a powerful computation platform to analyse and visualise Earth Observation data at scale. 

Google Earth Engine can be used for a wide range of applications to analyse large-scale geospatial data. It allows businesses and governments to make faster decisions and drive sustainability goals. 

NGIS sustainable solution, TraceMark, can track and trace entire supply chains from the first-mile to the end consumer. TraceMark is built using Google Cloud’s planetary-scale geospatial platforms, Google Earth Engine and BigQuery, TraceMark combines accurate satellite imagery with the ability to store and process large amounts of complex data. 

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