27 September, 2022

Next Mile grows with Iris

With a positive and outgoing attitude, we knew Iris Lee would be the perfect fit to be our new Sales Development Representative in Sydney. 

Growing up in Hong Kong, Iris achieved a degree in environmental and earth science but soon got bored of the city and decided she wanted a change. Her options were endless with United Kingdom, United States and Australia on her list.

Nearly 10 years ago, Iris got a job opportunity in Sydney and was very excited to start her new chapter in Australia. After moving she studied Geology at the University of New South Wales and worked in event sales at a global event organisation.

After seven years in event sales, Iris wanted to go back to the field she studied where she came across Jeeten at Next Mile. Her background in environmental and earth science, as well as her degree in geology, she knew geospatial is the perfect fit.

Iris’ new role compliments her personality as she is not shy and loves to meet and talk to new people.

Working with Next Mile, Iris is loving the culture and the passion her fellow colleagues have. On her very first week she was very pleased at how welcoming everyone was.  

“Everyone is so passionate about geospatial or/and location tracking, there passion has inspired me to do the best I can,” she said.  

“My team is very experienced within the industry and NGIS and I am really excited to learn a lot from them.”

One of the reasons Iris was drawn to work at Next Mile/NGIS was the flexibility and work-life balance we provide. She can work in the office and at home, giving her time to enjoy all the things Sydney has to offer.

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