2 March, 2016

NGIS travelling to USA for Esri and Google conferences

In early March, NGIS Director Richard Bentley and New South Wales Manager Jeeten Chauhan are travelling to Palm Springs and Las Vegas in the United States of America to get the latest updates from Esri and Google via their exclusive Partner events.

The two technology giants are hosting conferences for Premium partner organisations within days of each other where NGIS will get access to the teams that dream, build and maintain the mapping technology we all know and love.

NGIS will meet with global heads of the organisations and learn about what is coming up this year and beyond.

“We are looking to get an indication of where we can take advantage of the developments and technical directions which will be exposed to over the three days of the partner conference,” Richard Bentley said about the Esri conference.

“The first two days are about the current roadmap and future innovations, the third day allow the OEM partners to showcase their wares to the border Esri partner community.”

Straight after, Richard and Jeeten travel from Palm Springs to Las Vegas for the Google TeamWork conference to learn about Google’s newest releases and direction right across their technology offering.

TeamWork is Google’s exclusive annual gathering of Premium Partners from around the globe to learn about exciting program and product updates and best practices.

NGIS has always enjoyed being at the cutting edge with technology. Our partnerships with Esri, Google, Digital Globe, Microsoft and more recently CartoDB means we have access to the latest developments in software, imagery and computing capability.

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