21 November, 2023

NGIS to develop a new traceability system for enhanced trade and regulatory compliance for Palm Oil

In a significant stride towards sustainable and responsible palm oil production, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has chosen NGIS as part of its Consortium with Agridence and CIED. This collaboration aims to integrate Certification, Trade and Traceability components into a unified and optimised system. 

Singapore-based Agridence will lead the Consortium; the software company will leverage its expertise in providing an integrated physical trading platform with traceability and sustainability solutions for the natural rubber industry. The consortium is further strengthened by CIED, a Netherlands-based firm known for its ESG-focused traceability, certification and licensing management. NGIS brings its knowledge in geospatial technology, remote sensing and risk matrix.  

“The decision to appoint the Consortium to manage and maintain RSPO’s systems is driven by a combination of best-in-class solutions that will meet current demands and anticipate the future needs of a sector that is fast-evolving in line with tightening global regulations. We are confident that the Consortium will deliver a seamless experience for RSPO and our Members,” Chief Strategy and Digital Transformation Officer for RSPO, Nikki Gee said. 

RSPO aims to replace its IT platform, PalmTrace, with a bespoke Certification, Trade and Traceability System (CTTS). This digital transformation is designed to cater for both current requirements and future needs. By seamlessly integrating data from certification, audits, and risk assessments at the upstream level, the CTTS will empower RSPO members and enhance their user experience within a secure trading platform.

The digital transformation project is expected to have a far-reaching impact in the palm oil sector and in setting a precedent for other industries seeking to enhance sustainability and meet regulatory requirements.

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