12 July, 2023

NGIS expands internationally with new General Manager for North America

NGIS has grown its team internationally after appointing Bobby Pinter as its General Manager for North America. In his new role, Bobby will be responsible for managing NGIS’s relationships with partners and customers in North America. He will primarily focus on working closely with customers, understanding their challenges and ensuring they are getting the most value from their partnership with NGIS. 

Prior to joining NGIS, Bobby led Google Cloud’s sustainability innovation program, where he helped Google’s customers in leveraging cloud technologies to address their sustainability challenges. During his time at Google, he had the opportunity to collaborate with NGIS, recognising them as one of the top partners in sustainability. Bobby was consistently impressed with the vision and ambition of NGIS and the opportunity it has provided to support sustainability in companies across the globe. Before Google, Bobby worked at Accenture as part of their Accenture - Google Business Group.

When the opportunity came to contribute to NGIS’s expansion in North America, Bobby accepted. He stated, “I was excited by the opportunity to grow, lead and ultimately play a bigger role in helping decarbonise the global economy.” 

Outside of work, Bobby is an avid outdoor enthusiast whose passion for the environment is reflected in his choice of a career in sustainability and aligned with the mission of NGIS. One of the most rewarding aspects of his job is collaborating with global leaders in commodities such as palm, coffee and cocoa, who are setting the pace for how their respective industries will adapt to climate change and subsequent economic and political changes. Bobby is keen to accelerate their sustainability efforts even further with the technologies and solutions that NGIS provides.

Bobby also highlighted the trust and responsibility NGIS has placed on him, which serves as a constant source of inspiration for him to bring his best ideas to the table every day. Knowing that my work has a real impact - and that it’s up to me to make the most of it - makes me quite excited to be at NGIS.He is looking forward to growing the US team in the near future.

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