24 May, 2023

NGIS creates an interactive battle hologram for Australian Defence Force

NGIS teamed up with Skyline and Axiom, the world leaders in hologram equipment, to create a Commander’s Augmented Reality Mission Support Application System (C-ARMSAS) as an innovative exploration of concepts for the Australian Army. 

C-ARMSAS is a next generation technology that could be used to assist in mission planning, war-gaming, and execution capability. The holographic technology would allow commanders to use real-time intelligence-based information while planning in the battle space. The system allows an easy visual interaction between leaders and soldiers to show what the plans are visually. 

The Australian Army was eager to explore this innovative technology as a way to potentially move from paper topographic maps to an interactive, easy-to-understand system, where soldiers would be able to plan missions efficiently and effectively with real-time updates. 

Innovation through partnership 

The Star-Wars-like hologram uses Skylines software, TerraExplorer, which is a cutting edge 3D GIS viewer, and hologram equipment from Axiom Holographics. Engineers from both companies worked together to get the two technologies to “talk” to each other for a well-structured product. 

NGIS then integrated the two technologies and built the hologram’s functionality, which included measurement tools, area calculators, buttons allowing users to access the existing tools within the TerraExplorer platform, such as model placement, viewshed analysis and mark up capability within the hologram. 

How does it work? 

The holographic technology is built on a table, where tracking glasses are worn to show specific angles and views of the battle space. Commanders can then move avatars around and build their ‘design for battle’ interactively from high-definition terrain that has been captured by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) just moments before. 

Once they have planned the mission, it can then be shown through a hologram on a wall for soldiers to understand and visually see the plan. The wall hologram is easy to deploy and can be transported by soldiers.                                                                

How will the hologram benefit the Army? 

With the interactive hologram, commanders can understand the exact terrain that can’t be seen on a topographic map.  In turn, this helps commanders make more informed decisions. 

The hologram technology would allow different teams to operate together, rather than on individual desktops.

We were excited to explore this concept with the Army, and to demonstrate the role industry can have in delivering research and innovation for the Army of tomorrow.

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Images sourced: CPL Sagi Biderman, Australian Army.

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