30 August, 2023

NGIS and ofi partner to build carbon monitoring tool to protect forests

NGIS, Google’s 2022 Sustainability Partner of the Year, has collaborated with Olam Food Ingredients (ofi), a leading food ingredient company heavily invested in sustainability, to create a carbon monitoring tool. The tool measures carbon gains and losses across ofi's supply chain. It uses satellite imagery and machine learning to track changes in forest cover and carbon stocks at a granular level - down to the individual farm. 

This data is helping ofi to identify and support farmers in developing new policies and programs to reduce deforestation in its cocoa and coffee  supply chains. The data can also help:

  • Identify areas that are at risk of deforestation and prioritise conservation efforts.

  • Track the progress of deforestation-reduction programs and ensure that they are effective.

  • Raise awareness of deforestation and encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices.

“This carbon monitoring data will help to manage better and improve carbon sequestration, which supports efforts to improve soil health, biodiversity, livelihoods, reduce GHG emissions and meet our Science Based Target Initiative targets to reduce Scope 3 emissions,” explains Pedro Lafargue, Global Climate Action Manager at ofi.

The tool is currently being used to monitor ofi's coffee and cocoa supply chains and is supporting their decarbonization targets under dedicated product sustainability strategies Cocoa Compass and Coffee LENS. The tool will be rolled out to other commodities in the future.

The partnership between NGIS and ofi is a significant step forward in the fight against deforestation. By working together, these two organisations are helping to ensure that our food supply is sustainable and that forests are protected for future generations.

About OFI

olam food ingredients (“ofi”) is a new operating group born out of Olam. ofi offers sustainable, natural, value-added food products and ingredients so that consumers can enjoy the healthy and indulgent products they love. It consists of industry-leading businesses of cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices. ofi has built a unique global value chain presence, including its own farming operations, farm-gate origination, and manufacturing facilities. ofi partners with customers, leveraging its complementary and differentiated portfolio of ‘on-trend’ food products, to co-create solutions that anticipate and meet changing consumer preferences as demand increases for healthier food that’s traceable and sustainable.

About NGIS

NGIS is a leading geospatial solutions provider with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We believe that maps and location technology are heavily influencing the way we understand the world we live in, and we are passionate about ensuring it is used well.
We have great people in our team at NGIS who work in partnership with like-minded organisations to implement and geospatial solutions that provide a positive impact.

To find out how we can help your organisation, we can be contacted on marketing@ngis.com.au

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