30 October, 2023

NGIS and Google partner to amplify the impact of Public Sector organizations through Google Earth Engine

NGIS and Google have launched the Earth Engine Publisher Program to enable the self-service delivery of high value Earth Observation data products from the public sector to a global community of users through the Earth Engine Data Catalog. The program aims to increase awareness and access to leading Earth Observation products globally through the Google Earth Engine Data Catalog which already disseminates over 90 petabytes of data from organizations including NASA and the European Space Agency.

The Earth Engine Data Catalog is currently managed by Google and includes more than forty years of historical imagery and scientific datasets, updated and expanded daily. The key aim of the Earth Engine Publisher program is to enable organizations to publish and host their own data products directly in the Earth Engine Data Catalog. The benefits for organizations include the potential to significantly increase the utility of data products through the Earth Engine community. 

“We're thrilled to introduce the Preview of Earth Engine Publisher and Community Data Catalogs, a new feature designed to expand and enrich the Earth Engine data catalog”, says Emily Schechter, Earth Engine Product Manager. “Publisher Data Catalogs will allow Earth Engine users expanded access to more data, and will allow eligible Publishers a great way to get more impact out of their data products.”

Earth Engine provides a unique opportunity to deliver data products to a large and active user base through a platform that will accelerate use and impact. This program is eligible for organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Have a significant Open Data Focus

  • Global Leaders in Earth Observation

  • Have high-value Earth Observation Data Products

  • Are a Public Sector Organization

“The Publisher Program will enable leading public sector organizations to put their products in the hands of a large, active and innovative community focused on using Earth Observations to address significant global challenges” Nathan Eaton, Executive Director, NGIS.

“Geoscience Australia is delivering Earth Observation data of enduring value that helps government, communities and industry to address challenges and enhance opportunities facing Australia now and into the future. Our Digital Earth Australia Program is focussed on making data available through leading platforms to reach new users and engage with the Earth Observation community.” Amanda Norton, Assistant Director Geoscience Australia.

The program includes the following items to participating organizations:

  • Onboarding and Configuration services

  • Managed Capacity Building Program 

  • Standard Operating Procedures for Self Service Publishing

  • Networking forum with Earth Observation leaders

  • Showcase and promotion opportunities

  • Ongoing Support 

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