31 August, 2022

Improving Road Infrastructure Management with Location Intelligence

“Working with NGIS and the CARTO platform has made our day-to-day work more safe and efficient. We’ve overcome field challenges relating to asset identification and ensuring works are reported correctly.” Todd Munro, Asset Management Systems Coordinator, ConnectEast

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The Client: ConnectEast

ConnectEast owns and operates the 39km EastLink toll road, Melbourne’s fastest and most delay-free freeway. The company has been awarded a 5 star ESG sustainability rating for six consecutive years by GRESB, and is considered one of the world leaders in sustainable transport infrastructure.

The Challenge: Upgrading from a paper-based method of asset management

ConnectEast has traditionally used a paper-based method of asset management. The ConnectEast team found the system outdated, inefficient and time-consuming. As a public infrastructure operator ConnectEast has the responsibility to service the road and its assets regularly to ensure high safety standards, continual traffic flow and valued public amenity. This process involved scanning and saving documents, transcribing them into the system manually or in the case of photos uploading them. ConnectEast needed  an upgrade.

Results: Using Location Intelligence for better day-to-day maintenance 

NGIS was contracted to build a Location Intelligence solution based on ConnectEast’s assets.The map visualization, developed using the CARTO platform, leverages valuable Location Intelligence to physically identify all assets using GPS data, each identified by a unique asset number. The desktop and mobile application feature a search function, allowing assets to be searchable on the map. This approach helps to eliminate any confusion about what asset has required work or unplanned maintenance. Our team of geospatial analysts was able to deliver a solution for ConnectEast, whereby office staff, field service technicians and maintenance crews are able to access asset and work order information.



CARTO’s leading Location Intelligence technology and expertise of the NGIS team

As a CARTO reseller in Australia and New Zealand NGIS is able to provide support, licensing and application development to bring CARTO’s functionality into business projects, all in-house.
With the combination of CARTO’s technology and the expertise of the NGIS team, this case study was able to demonstrate that with a focused use case, spatial data and analytics can accelerate digital transformation and lead to significant real-world operational improvements.

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