15 September, 2023

Eight Reasons Why NGIS/MapsIndoors Should Map Your University Campus

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, universities continually seek innovative solutions to enhance the campus experience for their students, staff, and visitors. One solution transforming how people navigate university campuses is the MapsIndoors solution brought to you by NGIS and our partner, MapsPeople.

We've compiled eight reasons why MapsIndoors should be your university's trusted mapping and navigation solution. From leveraging the familiarity of Google Maps to providing accessible and inclusive options, our platform is designed to transform the campus experience and empower your institution in ways you never thought possible.
  1. Built on the familiar Google Maps
MapsIndoors is the only navigation tool built on the world-leading and well-known Google Maps platform. This provides users with a familiar look and feel, creating an easy, seamless adoption of your university’s digital wayfinding solution.
  1. Access directions off-campus
With our campus mapping solution, students, visitors, and staff can use the platform to find directions to an indoor location from home or the cafe down the road. This helps users plan their trip to the university before they arrive, reducing stress and time wasted on finding lecture rooms, study areas, or student facilities such as parking.
  1. Find directions using different transport modes
Users can find directions using different travel modes (walking, car, bike or public transport). MapsIndoors provides step-by-step directions for all travel modes.
  1. Supported by local teams
MapsIndoors is brought to you by NGIS, our team based here in Australia. We are the local experts, ensuring a successful delivery for our customers in the short term and a partnership to support the ability to scale in the longer term.
  1. Open integration
Our platform is centred around 'Open Integration’, allowing the solution to be integrated with other core third-party applications. This means maps can be updated with real-time changes to ensure users are always presented with the most accurate and up-to-date information, even in constantly changing environments.
  1. Valuable insights
The solution allows customers to gain valuable insights into the movement of people (People Flow) or objects (Asset Tracking) within the facility. Universities can leverage it this data to optimise existing spaces regarding usage, efficiency, and safety.
  1. Accessibility
MapsIndoors ensures your university is accessible to everyone. With features such as routing for mobility-restricted users to access directions avoiding high noise or high use areas for neurodivergent users, MapsIndoors accommodates all students and staff.   
  1. Be in control
The intuitive MapsIndoors Content Management System (CMS) allows the University to control how its students and staff navigate around campus. Building maintenance, on-campus incidents, or lift outages can be easily reflected on the map to ensure users avoid these areas.

At NGIS, we understand that each university campus experience is unique. Contact NGIS today to discuss how MapsIndoors can transform your campus experience.

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