23 November, 2022

A National Digital Environmental Health Decision Support Platform

By 2030, the direct damage of costs to health is expected to be between $3-6 billion per year, due to rising temperatures, extreme weather and increasing carbon dioxide levels. In turn, these have an impact on heat-related illness and death,cardiovascular failure, injuries, vector-borne and water-borne diseases, asthma, cardiovascular disease, respiratory allergies, and mental health.  

NGIS has collaborated with other organisations on the Australian Environmental Health (AusEnHealth) Strategic Planning Digital Twin project. This project aims to understand the landscape of Australian environmental health data collection around the country. 

The project explores new ways of working with health data for the creation and supply of high-quality environmental exposure and health indicators. The health data will inform and allow policy makers, health managers and researchers to find vulnerable populations, predict future disease burdens and plan for a changing climate. 

Currently, there is no national digital representation of environment and health indicators at a local level, to allow police makers, health managers and researchers to identify vulnerable populations, predict future disease burden and plan for a changing climate in a coordinated, timely manner. 

The project is a collaboration between FrontierSI, WA Department of Health, AURIN, Queensland University of Technology, TERN, EPA Victoria and NGIS. 

The first paper for this project provided valuable descriptions of Australian environmental health and presents the resulting data integration, analysis and visualisation processes employed in the AusEnHealth project. 

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