Gaining a Bird’s Eye View of Australia’s Sporting Infrastructure with Location Intelligence 

Working with NGIS and the CARTO platform adds value to our business and project analytics. CARTO has become an essential component of our planning business.

– Michael Bodman, insideEDGE Director. 



InsideEDGE is a sport and leisure planning company that helps ensure government, private businesses and sporting organisations invest in the right infrastructure. They work with some of the biggest sporting names in Australia such as AFL, Cricket Australia and Tennis Australia. 


WHat was the Challenge

InsideEDGE was using mostly Microsoft Excel for analysis, which was limiting and did not provide visualisation capabilities. Data that was essential for auditing purposes was also dispersed among several internal sources. This led to the company having to deal with multiple systems with different data, reading to a lot of manual effort and potential error.


Overcoming the challenge

To overcome these challenges, NGIS was contracted to deploy CARTO, the leading cloud-native Location Intelligence platform. NGIS helped organise licensing, configuration and trained the insideEDGE team on how to use the software-as-a-service platform. 
Our team of geospatial analysts were able to deliver a solution for InsideEDGE, where staff can access mapping technology and easily understand it. The map visualisation platform uses Location Intelligence to physically pinpoint all assets using GPS data, each identified by a unique asset number.

CARTO has improved the workflows of the company, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction levels.



NGIS is a CARTO reseller in Australia and New Zealand and has a team of skilled developers and GIS analysts. This means NGIS can provide support, licensing and application development to bring CARTO’s functionality into business projects, all in-house.

InsideEdge selected this solution thanks to the combination of CARTO’s Location Intelligence technology and the expertise of the NGIS team. Together, they show that spatial data and analytics can accelerate digital transformation and lead to significant operational improvements. 

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