QGIS Fundamentals

  • length:
    1 Day
  • Cost:
    $845 +GST
  • Time:
    9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
  • Presenter:
    Jack Green or Nicholas Chai
  • Or contact NGIS to request a corporate course.

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    wait for detail
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QGIS is a powerful, cross-platform, free and open source desktop GIS package. This one day hands-on express training course provides participants with an introduction to the fundamentals of GIS, equipping them with the necessary skills to create, edit, manage open spatial data and easily compose printable maps by utilising the core functionality and plugins provided by QGIS at zero cost.
This training course will leverage open data freely available in your state so participants will leave with not only skills in the best open source desktop GIS available but also knowledge pertaining to the relevant data that can be used in your jurisdiction. Come and see why many organisations are making the move to QGIS as a replacement for other more expensive desktop GIS packages. See course dates below.

10% Discount for AusIMM, SSSi and AIG members.


No previous experience with GIS software is required, although experience with using Microsoft Windows is essential.


  • Understanding GIS basics
  • Introducing GIS
  • QGIS user interface and basic tools
  • Symbolising data
  • Symbolising vector and raster data
  • Classifying vector data
  • Creating and Editing Data
  • Introducing digitising toolbar
  • Creating vector data
  • Creating Maps
  • Using Map Composer
  • Applying map templates


Exercise 1 - Adding Data and Navigating the Map
  • Vector Data in QGIS
  • Raster Data in QGIS
  • Saving and Opening QGIS Projects
  • Navigating the Map

Exercise 2 - Changing the Display of Layers
  • Simple Symbology
  • Point Symbology
  • Line Symbology
  • Polygon Symbology
  • Symbolising by Attributes
  • Saving Styles
  • Labelling Features

Exercise 3 - Attribute Tables
  • Identify Features on the Map
  • Open Attribute Table
  • Selecting Features
  • Querying Features
  • Query Filter
  • Field Statistics

Exercise 4 - Data Management
  • Importing XY Data
  • Save out to SHP
  • Creating New Shapefiles
  • Editing Toolbar
  • Creating Points
  • Creating Polygons

Exercise 5 - Creating Map
  • Prepare your Map
  • Print Layout
  • Add Map, Labels, Legend, North Arrow, Scalebar & Images
  • Using Map Templates

Exercise 6 - Basic Analysis
  • Extract Data
  • Count Points

Exercise 7 - QGIS Plugins and Web Services
  • Plugin Library 
  • Install Plugins
  • Consuming Web Services (WMS & WFS)

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