Our Culture

What is the culture like at NGIS? 

We work closely with our clients to provide quality solutions, placing importance on open genuine communication, valuing every member and inspiring innovative business solutions.

The key to our innovative solutions is deeply seated in the company’s core values: ‘People– Partnership– Success’. This is at the heart of everything we do.

NGIS’ staff culture is built upon teamwork, trust and respect. We treat each other as we would treat a client and over time we have developed a framework to deliver feedback in a respectful and constructive way. We have a saying written on our wall: ‘It’s amazing what can be achieved when nobody cares who gets the credit’ – Harry S Truman. This is an important philosophy of our company’s success.

One of the best things about working at NGIS is we get asked to solve some of the most difficult technical challenges in society. We pair these challenges with outstanding members of the IT community to deliver globally recognised, award winning solutions for our clients.

Our values

At NGIS we believe that great people doing great work equals great business. We strive to be the company of choice for our clients and the employer of choice for our people. Our brand of ‘People Partnership Success’ really reflects the way we operate.




We have a high performing, passionate team of People who are motivated to deliver innovative, fit for purpose services and solutions.

NGIS is a relationship focused business and we work in strong partnership with our clients and technology partners.

We are motivated by achievement. We work hard to deliver shared success and to make a meaningful impact with the work we produce.


At NGIS our competitive advantage is our people, the culture we have built and the way we work with our clients. These are the reasons that NGIS is the most awarded location consultancy in the Asia Pacific region.

The sort of people that thrive in our culture are people looking for growth - this is an environment where development is possible due to support from others - there is always someone to mentor you.

- Paul Farrell, Managing Director

NGIS has a team of high performing, motivated professionals who deliver innovative and quality services to a range of clients across many different industries. We provide the perfect environment for professionals who are driven by achievement and want to work with like-minded colleagues.
To complement our technical team, we also have a team of support professionals in marketing, accounting, human resources and general office support who excel in their roles and challenges on a day to day basis.

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