20 July, 2017

Kids bring the holiday season to NGIS

NGIS had another successful Bring Your Kids to Work Day on July 13 when children joined the office and spent time learning about their parent’s workplace. Learning sessions for the 13 kids in attendance were based on the theme of holidays, using a personalised map, Geoguessr and plenty of doughnuts.

The kids were able to draw out detailed pictures of what they did on their recent holidays and then plot these onto their own personalised Google map. In the second session, the kids played a few competitive rounds of Geoguessr, which places them on Google Streetview anywhere on Earth and using their surroundings they had to guess their exact location. This was followed by the Google Earth flight simulator, where the kids got to explore the world from the pilot's perspective, flying the plane. The morning was finished off with a common knowledge quiz for the NGIS hosts, with the kids baffling the hosts with their hilariously difficult questions.

The NGIS staff got to spend time getting to know one another's families over a morning tea and lunch break and the kids left the office with a scrapbook of their holiday activities and new games to test their own spatial understanding. 

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