18 May, 2018

Event series: CARTO data streams

Everyone knows that data is required to make decisions, but sourcing and making sense of it can be challenging. Using a map with constantly updated data can make communicating insights easier and more reliable.

In May and June, NGIS is hosting a series of events in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to show how you can use newly available data streams with the power of location analytics.

What could you do if you could use a map to easily understand and communicate:
  • Where customers come from before they hit your venue or shop and how long they linger?
  • How people move – the mode, the frequency and the speed?
  • The nature, frequency and origin of credit card transactions in a region of interest?
  • How demographics change each year in your market?
Up to date and pre-processed data is vital to finding insights on how to target customers or improve the user experience of your customers. When you are armed with data that is in the right format and easy to use, your understanding of the world can become deeper. 

At this event mapping consultants NGIS Australia and Location Intelligence platform creators CARTO will show how the world of data is changing and how you can use it to create competitive advantage and communicate better with all stakeholders.

Who should attend:

  • Market research professionals
  • Marketing strategists
  • Data Scientists


NGIS Consultant Adam Mullett will talk about how data is changing the way businesses make decisions and why you need to move beyond Census data to make the right decisions for your business or your clients. Adam will show examples of where up to date data has helped governments and businesses make data-driven decisions.

CARTO head of Asia Pacific Fernando Carrasco will show off CARTO’s data observatory and explain how CARTO is changing its product offering to make procuring up to date data really simple.

Dates and links to register:

  1. Sydney - May 31, 2018
  2. Melbourne - June 5, 2018
  3. Perth - June 8, 2018

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