8 February, 2017

Carto: turn your business data into intelligence

Mapping data in your business has historically been the domain of GIS experts and has relied on complex software that takes time to learn. Strong business cases were needed to justify building applications to display data. Enter Carto: one of the biggest disruptions to the business intelligence industry yet.

Carto is a cloud based GIS system for complex business intelligence visualisation and analysis. Its powerful and open platform creates insight from location data.

Carto empowers companies to see relationships they could never see before in their data and optimise performance through a beautiful and easy to learn interface. Here are five things you can do with it:

Measure campaign success

Google Trends has used Carto to devise a map of the most searched Republican presidential candidates, to measure Trump’s success.

Carto allows users without coding knowledge to access a simple, user-friendly dashboard to withdraw key insights, using location data. This data enables companies and individuals to make more informed decisions and analyse consumer trends. Data such as campaign success, whether location affects behaviour and evaluating target audiences, are easily displayed.

Visualise sales data in real time

Carto was used to analyse the sales and trends across the globe of Beyonce’s 2013 album, using geotagged tweets.
Carto allows businesses to track sales around their store locations and analyse revenue and efficiency. This software can help users transform and improve business decision making.

Interactive mapping of data trends and performance analysis

Carto has been used to map obesity statistics throughout the different states of America, useful for all industries around health.
Extensive data sets can be simplified for the user to understand trends and patterns. Through an interactive map, the how, when, where and why of data helps users visualise and measure business results against competitors or locations.

Share data information easily

GROW.LONDON used Carto to identify key hotspots for set up, relocation and expansion within London. Monitoring economic output, population growth and transport connectivity allows councils to visually map where improvements can be made in city developments.
Carto displays customer data, without investing in expensive GIS software infrastructure and coding skills. Users are able to see trends, clusters and densities of customer data across a map easily.

Tell stories through animated maps

Spotify uses Carto to provide their customers with playlists of hundreds of cities unique music trends. This interactive map allows users to experience cities globally through music.
Story telling allows user to understand social trends throughout space and time. Carto animates data in a stylised map providing simple data insights based on demographics and behaviour.

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