12 March, 2017

Groundwater management gets boost with new tool

The Perth Groundwater map allows you to easily visualise groundwater information within the Perth metropolitan area. Designed to help water-bore drillers, irrigators and private householders establish groundwater bores within the watertable, under the Earth’s surface.

This map is useful for indicating suitable areas for development, measuring depths and indicating groundwater salinity levels for approved groundwater licenses.

Built by NGIS, it is an intuitive and user-friendly map that generates an informative report instantly from any location within the Perth metropolitan area. ESRI technology is at the heart of the solution, providing enterprise storage, analysis, and presentation of land and water layers to develop the application.

Shared and used for a variety of purposes with just a few clicks, it provides a useful communication tool for supporting and monitoring the state’s growth in water sustainable practices.

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