23 August, 2023

SADA and NGIS join forces to accelerate adoption of Google Earth Engine

NGIS has formed a strategic partnership with SADA, a leading business and technology consultancy and award-winning Google Cloud partner, to accelerate the adoption of Google Earth Engine technology. This collaboration establishes a powerful alliance that leverages Google Cloud Products and Google Earth Engine for sustainability analysis, and reporting to the North American Enterprise Market. The new collaboration will help organisations to leverage Google Earth Engine's capabilities in addressing critical global challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and sustainable development.

The collaboration between SADA and NGIS is a significant milestone in advancing the widespread adoption of Google Earth Engine. NGIS's technical expertise and solution delivery capabilities, combined with SADA's Location Intelligence Practice and extensive experience as a Google partner globally, is uniquely positioned to drive the implementation of Earth Engine technology on a broader scale. Within the partnership, NGIS brings deep technical expertise in Google Earth Engine, along with a remarkable track record in delivering geospatial solutions worldwide. Our exceptional success in 2021 earned us the recognition as Google Clouds Sustainability Partner of the Year. As a Google Premier Partner, NGIS has cultivated a close relationship with the Earth Engine team for over a decade, consistently implementing a range of enterprise Earth Engine solutions.

Advancing Google Earth Engine adoption

By using Google Earth Engine, organisations can unlock an abundance of geospatial data and advanced analysis tools to derive valuable insights and make informed decisions. From monitoring environmental changes to analysing land use patterns and predicting natural disasters, Google Earth Engine provides a powerful platform for addressing complex challenges.

Aligned with Google's mission to make a positive impact on the world, the partnership focuses on tackling global challenges related to climate, biodiversity, and sustainable development. By targeting Google's key audience, SADA and NGIS aim to demonstrate the value of their combined capabilities and inspire organisations to collaborate with their teams for transformative services and solutions.

About NGIS

With over a decade of collaboration with the Earth Engine team, NGIS has successfully deployed numerous Earth Engine solutions to address global challenges. Our flagship sustainable sourcing solution, TraceMark, enables comprehensive supply chain tracking from the first mile to the end consumer. Harnessing the power of Google Cloud Technology, TraceMark handles large amounts of complex data, empowering companies across industries such as consumer packaged goods, automotive, and mining to gain insights into their sustainability impact, including deforestation.

About SADA

SADA, a global leader in Google Cloud solutions and services, joins forces with NGIS to further strengthen efforts in the sustainability space. Boasting a legacy of over 20 years and multiple accolades—including 5x Google Cloud Partner of the Year award winner—SADA  drives business outcomes for customers by harnessing the power of Google Cloud. SADA is known for its ‘Cloud Concierge' services, and commitment to working with customers for the long haul, with tailored solutions and services that address unique business challenges. Their expertise aids customers in transforming their businesses, enhancing user experiences, and fostering collaboration through data-driven strategies.
For more information about SADA, visit www.sada.com.


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