15 June, 2022

NGIS wins global Google Cloud Sustainability Award.

Perth, June 15th  — NGIS today announced that it has received the Google Cloud Industry Solution Partner of the Year - Sustainability award. 

NGIS is extremely proud to be named the global Google Cloud Industry Solution Partner of the Year for the Sustainability category. This global award recognises our outstanding success in 2021, working with organisations to address their commitments to sustainability. This award acknowledges NGIS has driven exceptional results with a large number of customers globally, through our Software as a Service (SaaS) TraceMark.

We are helping customers to track and trace entire supply chains with a data-driven approach to sustainably sourcing raw materials. TraceMark provides unparalleled visibility to the first-mile of the supply chain, where companies traditionally find it most challenging to account for. The first-mile is the critical step in quantifying sustainability metrics and monitoring progress towards formal sustainability commitments. 

NGIS is working with some of the biggest names involved in the sourcing of raw commodities in consumer packaged goods, the automotive industry and mining industries worldwide to ensure companies can achieve their global sustainability goals, with our product TraceMark. 

Leveraging a global Google Cloud Geospatial solution, companies are able to monitor and map exactly where each supplier is operating and quantify how this impacts sustainability progress. TraceMark is able to be completely integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and allows for customised dashboards and reporting to ensure sustainability efforts are explained in a digestible manner for investor reporting.

“Our partnership with Google has enabled us to deliver high impact for organisations looking to address sustainable development, climate change, biodiversity and disaster risk reduction. Getting this recognition in sustainability from Google, the largest annual corporate purchaser of renewable energy is a fantastic reward for the great work being done by the amazing team at NGIS” said Nathan Eaton, Executive Director at NGIS. 

NGIS is a global company that specialises in delivering innovative sustainability and geospatial solutions to enterprises.  Our talented team of engineers, developers and data scientists are exceptional at building fit for purpose solutions that tailor Google technology to address specific high value outcomes. We know the potential to create a more sustainable world is possible when you have the right tools at your fingertips and we are here to provide you with those tools. 

For more information on TraceMark please visit https://www.tracemark.earth/ or for media enquiries contact Melanie Hardie, NGIS Marketing and Communications Manager  +61 422 441 973.

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