31 August, 2017

Planet partnership announcement

Daily satellite imagery of the whole globe is now available to NGIS customers through our new technology partner, Planet.

NGIS Australia and Planet have established a new partnership, leveraging Planet’s extensive global daily imagery for NGIS’ developers and specialist teams. Planet can provide the capabilities and content for NGIS to build new solutions for a range of industries, as well as extending on existing solutions already using satellite imagery from NASA and the European Space Agency.

With over 100 nano satellites orbiting, Planet’s Cubesats capture daily imagery for change detection. Using this technology assists industries such as agribusiness and emergency management to see things such as deforestation, how crops are performing, the speed at which an oil spill is spreading or the progress of a fire front. Planet is differentiated both by its daily imagery, but also its ease of use through its API.

NGIS Principal Consultant Nathan Eaton said the company recognises Planet as a game changer for earth observations and want to ensure Australia are at the forefront of this spatial technology.

"Planet is a wonderfully innovative company who are disrupting the satellite imagery market, not only with the size of satellites and high frequency revisit rates but also with how they are putting data into the hands of customers,” Eaton said.

Planet's head of Asia Pacific operations Shankar Sivaprakasam said with NGIS, Planet's data can be truly disruptive.

"I am excited to be partnering with geospatial industry consultants such as NGIS in Australia and in the broader APAC region. Together, NGIS and Planet aim to bring disruptive and unprecedented capabilities to our clients, whom in turn will be able differentiate in their markets," Sivaprakasam said.

Find out more about Planet here

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