6 June, 2017

NGIS finalists in three ICT Innovation awards

WAITTA INCITE AWARDS: NGIS Australia has been nominated as finalist in three categories at the WA Information Technology and Telecommunication Alliance Awards.

NGIS Australia is the most recognised company in the awards, finalists for most disruptive technology, most effective platform and most impactful social benefit.

The WAITTA INCITE awards recognise innovation across the information and communication technology sector.

Most Disruptive Technology nomination

NGIS partnered with CSBP Limited to create Green Precision: the tool using cutting edge technology to analyse vegetation on a global scale, over a period of time. The user friendly and accessible tool helps farmers understand the variability of crop and pasture growth, enabling  more efficient decision making.

Most Impactful Social Benefit nomination

Coastal Risk Australia charts the majority of Australia’s coastline and incorporates innovative Google technology and local tidal data to accurately map the changes in rising sea levels. Iconic beaches, such as Queenscliff in Victoria and the Gold Coast in Queensland are some of the areas vulnerable to rising sea levels. Through Coastal Risk Australia, individuals and communities, through to all government levels can prepare and plan for changes to sea levels in decades to come.

Most Effective Platform nomination

FERTview, created by CSBP, built by NGIS and accessible through myCSBP, enables individuals to review live digital farm maps with biomass imagery, rotation plans, yield data, and sample sites. The tool gives users live access to digital farm maps and is a simple, practical way to view, manage and get more from NUlogic Soil and Plant Analysis results and other spatial data.

This tool complements CSBP’s existing NUlogic sampling and lab analysis services which have been providing customers data and knowledge regarding fertiliser for over 40 years.

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