Born in 3D

Skyline is the leading Enterprise Visualisation and Intelligence Platform available on the market. Skyline was born in 3D and is built to handle a wide variety 3D data including Digital Elevation Models, LiDAR, Laser scans, Point Clouds, 3D Models and Building Information Modelling (BIM). With a range of intuitive 3D analysis tools Skyline will provide answers and efficiencies for organisations where 3D matters.

NGIS can supply Skyline licences and we also develop applications using the powerful software.

3D Matters

  • The world is 3D
  • Businesses operate above ground and underground
  • 3D provides full operational awareness
  • 3D facilitates effective compliance

Built for 3D Data

  • Leverage the data your business captures
  • LiDAR and point cloud
  • Advanced 3D model streaming
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Built for 3D Work

  • Volume analysis
  • Slope and grade
  • Visual impact assessment
  • Network coverage analysis
  • Simulation and animation

High Accessibility

  • Web, desktop and mobile
  • Enterprise serving to all platforms
  • Online and offline

High Performance

  • Military grade product
  • Optimised data streaming
  • Federated capabilities
  • Native 3D

High Availability

  • Direct Integration with Oracle, SQL Server, PostGres, ArcSDE
  • UAV DirectConnect technology
  • Direct file connect capabilities