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Coastal Risk Australia

Technology empowers organisations and individuals to act and adapt to climate change

Our environment is changing and we need to lead using mapping and location technology to analyse and communicate climate change science effectively.

In Australia, coastal risk due to a rise in sea level is a threat we will face over the next century. As sea levels rise, billions of dollars worth of infrastructure and private property will be affected. Mapping technology gives people an easy to understand interface to interpret information and make decisions based on data.

NGIS used Google Earth Engine to process the petabytes of data required to show where inundation is likely in year 2100 due to sea level rise and storm surge. When released, the tool attracted attention nationally with more than 1.5 million views in one day. 

How will your house be affected?

For the first time Australians can visualise how their homes, neighbourhoods and favourite coastal spots could be vulnerable to rising sea levels driven by climate change. NGIS have developed a tool to help people see the possible scenarios of sea level rise and visualise how that will affect their neighbourhood.

See your area

Seeing is believing. Maps are a universal language for communicating climate change science and by personalising potential impacts we can build awareness and effective adaptation.

 Nathan Eaton, NGIS


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