11 May, 2016

Using analytics to improve your maps

Free tools like Google Analytics can help you improve your map functionality, ensuring your map credits are used efficiently and give clients the best experience possible for your investment.

During the design phase of a project, you have an idea of the functionality your clients will need and try to design accordingly.

The design you deliver, balances your desire to service the customer well with the resources available. Inevitably there will be improvements made to the user interface or processes clients go through in using the map.

Using analytics tools, over time you will be able to see which features are highly utilised, client engagement time on the map and which functionality the majority of users need. You might even discover new uses for your map that you hadn’t considered therefore adding value to the user experience.

Is your map device agnostic?

Another benefit of analytics is seeing which device type, screen size, operating system and browsers interact with your site.

The more you know about the way your clients are using your site and the map, the better you will be able to customise their experience.

One of our customers found the majority of their usage was coming from mobile devices, but their user interface design was focussed on desktop users. When the second version of their application was due to be launched, they built in the knowledge of user experience to ensure their product was easier to use, accessible and more appealing to their client base.

If you’d like to find out more about using analytics with your maps and to implement it for improved customer experience, please get in touch with NGIS.

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