16 March, 2017

NGIS wins water grant to innovate in market

NGIS is set to undertake a feasibility study with the help of the Business Research Innovative Initiative Grant 2017. The BRII Grant will allow NGIS to tap into innovative solutions for current problems within Australian water markets. The focus of this feasibility report will be to improve the transparency and reliability of water market information resulting in an increase market participation and boosting water license holders confidence.

By facilitating and developing a real time water information platform, NGIS will aim to improve and increase market participation of water license holders. This platform aims to provide a clearer picture of the overall trends and provides a vital tool for supporting and monitoring the state’s growth in water practices with a low cost solution to enhancing consumer confidence within the water market.

NGIS is looking forwards to the opportunity to improve the reliability and transparency of the Australian water market through their real-time water market information platform, thanks to the BRII Grant.

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