23 November, 2016

NGIS volunteering day 2016 a success

NGIS has completed another successful annual volunteer day, this year at the Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary: 19 hectares of pristine bushland in the Avon Valley and Walyunga National Park region.

The company flew members of the team from New South Wales and Victoria to Perth and took time out of the office to help preserve native wildlife.

The volunteer day incorporated our GIS skills, mapping out points of interest across a 12 kilometre range by half of the NGIS team.

The rest of the NGIS employees got the chance to help fix kilometres of external fence line and pull down 80-year old farm fence lines. This involved manual labour walking the fences and fixing holes that predators or native species had made. These feral predator-proof fence lines help protect the endangered species of Paruna at risk and is crucial in the conservative strategies behind the Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s success.

We even got the chance to rescue a few bobtail lizards stuck in the fencing, and witness a wolf spider eating a tasty scorpion. It was something slightly different from the normal work day routine.

The volunteer day allowed NGIS employees to invest time into building stronger interpersonal skills and also help create social change.

NGIS was grateful for the opportunity to extend their skills and manpower for the day into helping Paruna Wildlife Conservancy to protect and restore Australia’s threatened wildlife species.

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