11 March, 2016

NGIS attends event on attracting women into STEM

On Wednesday March 9, NGIS attended the Attracting Women Into STEM event held by the Committee for Economic Development Australia (CEDA) with eight of our team and two clients.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) occupations are of particular relevance to us as a growing company in technology services.

We found it particularly surprising to hear of the gap relating to women in the workforce and female students not pursuing STEM – around four times more men than women study in STEM fields.

The event had three speakers, who each spoke about the challenges of getting women into STEM occupations: Pip Marlow, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia; Michael Schoch of Shell Australia and Chris Sutherland, Managing Director of Programmed.

The three speakers made it clear that as a business community we all need to take charge of making changes to positively influence the future of our women in the workforce and personal life, through encouraging women in STEM occupations.

We now know the changes required in our education system and attitudes needed to engage men and women in problem solving and decision making in future. We were inspired to actively consider how we can make a difference within our company and as individuals.

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