1 March, 2016

Graham Griffiths new Chairman of NGIS board

The Directors of NGIS Australia are pleased to announce that Graham Griffiths has been appointed as Chairman of the Board.

Griffiths was appointed chairman at the beginning of 2016 and brings a wealth of ICT experience to the position. He has multi-faceted (management/tech/sales/marketing/R&D) international experience over 39 years in the IT industry, and geospatial since 2006. He has 12 years’ experience as a managing director at ASX level and is a fellow of the AICD, as well as being on the boards of geospatial companies Indji and Pointerra.

NGIS Managing Director Paul Farrell said the appointment provided continuity.

“Graham’s experience in the technology space will be of great help as the management team build NGIS to be the company we want it to be.”

Griffiths takes over responsibility as chairman from Hennie Kuenen who held the position from July 2005 to Dec 2015.

Griffiths said Kuenen had steered the company through a time of change and opportunity for the company.

“His leadership and support to NGIS have provided a great platform to grow for the next decade.”


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